Marriage & Family

The relationship between spouses and parents and their children is always changing. CLIC consulting helps families navigate through those changes by providing sessions that inspire and encourage effective dialogue. Sometimes the challenges that we face in our families create an environment that makes communication difficult. We help rebuild communication by helping families focus on what is most important and helping them to evaluate their perspective.

Parent Support Service

Sometimes you just want to know that you are doing a good job or just need someone to confer with on techniques. There isn't a manual to being a great parent. We offer two type of coaching sessions to support parents during the journey.

    • Developing a Relationship with Your child

As teenagers mature, parents find themselves no longer being able to dictate their child’s every move but helping them to shape their decision-making process. This process of sharing information can be difficult for both the parent and the child. This session will help the parent to navigate this process successfully.

    • Helping My Teen Be Successful

Babies are born needing our love and support. Teens need that same love and support, but how they perceive and receive that love differently. This session will focus on helping parents maintain an active role in their teenager’s life.

Personal & Business Financial Services

Every individual and business needs to have clear financial objectives to promote financial stability. Families can struggle with their finances simply because they don’t have a financial goal. Some businesses are not financially successful because they lack a good product, but because they lack a financial plan and processes. CLIC Consulting helps individuals, families, and businesses develop a budget and a spending plan. CLIC consulting helps businesses assess the current financial state and assists with developing a plan for future growth and financial stability.

Live Event Video Streaming

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused us to change how we host and plan events these days. We offer a Live Event Streaming Service to help you pivot so you can still have this special moment with those you love and care about. For more information about this service, click here --> CLIC Media Service.

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